In my 20 years of professional experience, I’ve played many different roles as a business owner, not just a photographer. Whether I am project managing large projects for clients or mentoring employees/other photographers, I understand the importance of working on the ground level but also having clear sense of the big picture. 

When you work with me, I am focus on delivering your needs as a client and less about what I want out of the project. Still, I thoroughly enjoy a collaborative process when we share  a vision of creating stories that has meaning and purpose. 


You can reach me at 415-429-0636 or use the form below. 


Time to clean up and tighten the narrative. Last several years have been collecting a lot of material and now it is time to digest deeper. project website in my profile and direct link is https://beyondthecushion.com/seeking-help/ #buddha #buddhism #meditation #buddhist #zen #buddhadharma #calm ...


I choose this symbol as reflection of my aspiration. Wikipedia has numerous interpretations of this symbol and these particular ones best reflect my practice: