For the benefit of all beings. 

After two decades of working as a hired gun for various clients, I’ve begun to contemplate my own creative journey through the lens of a specific philosophy. While creating images purely for creative expression brings me joy, I’ve found a deeper fulfillment in viewing creation as a meaningful service. In a world inundated with images of picturesque landscapes and enticing activities fueling our insatiable desires, I aim to offer a different perspective by infusing my art with a sense of purpose beyond aesthetics.

Simply selling fine art prints doesn’t hold much appeal to me compared to using my creative expression to benefit others. Therefore, for the 2024 calendar year, I’ve decided to allocate 50% of the profits from print sales to the nonprofit Kaurna Buddhist Center. This center, newly established in my hometown of Ann Arbor, holds profound significance to me, and I believe your support will play a role in its success.

By choosing to support this cause, you’re not just acquiring a piece of art; you’re contributing to a greater purpose. Your generosity will be deeply appreciated, and together, we can make a meaningful difference through the power of creativity and compassion.

Although you can purchase prints from these series, the shopping icon is smal and only available when you’re viewing the full size image (not the thumbnails view). 


Panoramic prints from national parks and other destinations.



Dharma inspired images from my pilgrimage through the US and other sources.