Yin and Yang

I wasn’t really planning on hitting these two spots as it was a bit out of the way on my route but I ran into a few people on a hike that raved about it. Granted, I made my decision not go out of the way based mostly on photos because really, dark caves wasn’t really my things. Still, since they’re were pretty close to each other, I actually hit the caves in the morning and got to White Sands for sunset. I think with outdoor photos you can really get a sense of the scale whereas most caves photos don’t really translate in the same manner. Which is to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Carlsbad Cave because they were definitely the biggest caves I’ve ever been to. When you look at pictures and look out for humans or other man made structures, you kinda of get the sense of the scale of this place. As for White Sands, I must admit, I didn’t really get enough time in the place. Even though the sunset was gorgeous, I was more in just a photo taking mode as opposed to just enjoying the experience of the space. There isn’t too much variety in terms of hiking but still, you can probably spend at least a full day there to appreciate it.