Small and Majestic

I didn’t have a strong opinions of the Grand Tetons before deciding to include it on my northeast spring tour and I am glad i did! Since I was arriving in the late winter season, I wasn’t sure how i would receive it given that i am not much of a winter activities kind of person. Within 24 hrs, i already had it in my head that i needed to return in the summer. Given though I was weary of the fact that it was rich people’s playground, I suspect that there were enough of the beaten track option. It feels quite small to the other NP parks but sometimes it’s nice not having to trip an hour or two to just get across the national park!  Unlike my time in Yellowstone in the previous week, I was able to do a few hikes with the snowshoes and it was definitely a different experience! That tension between between chilly and sweating from the warm sun is a rare treat.